Corporate Onsite Massage * Work-health Balance

Our touchback focus

We support healthy work environments and reducing stress in the workplace by offering massage and work-health balance seminars for employees.  Researchers know that stress contributes to 80% of all health conditions.  I believe touchback has the ability to impact both individuals and our corporate culture helping shape the future with a positive impact on how we live our lives, engage in our work and interact with our co-workers, family and friends.
Our touchback services are also a cost effective, fun marketing tool that draws attention to your company events and leaves an impression with your current and potential clients. 


We come to your workplace to provide on-going massage programs and events such as staff appreciation days. Treatments reduce stress, tension, muscle tightness and pain as well as re-energizes and supports employee health.


We educate and inspire employees to become proactive in self-care, focusing on prevention and reducing stress before illness strikes.  Practical, simple techniques and concepts are easy to incorporate into one’s lifestyle to enhance natural health and well-being.


For cost effective, high impact corporate recognition add massage to your marketing event, conference, trade show, client appreciation, outdoor events or golf tournaments.  We help draw attention and leave an impression.

Taking care of employees helps employees
take care of business!


  • Convenient
  • Alleviates stress, muscle tension and pain
  • Allows the body and mind to relax & rejuvenate
  • Calms the nervous system
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Increases overall energy level
  • Enhances creative thinking
  • Decreases repetitive stress symptoms


  • Convenient
  • Reduces absenteeism
  • Reduces employee stress
  • Reduces health costs
  • Boosts productivity
  • Enriches workplace culture
  • Improves job satisfaction
  • Healthy employees

What Others Are Saying

We enjoy our massage program and look forward to a very long relationship with you and your staff. Everyone in our office has notices a difference. I especially like the fact that I sleep much better.
Tonelli & Associates
Did you know?
Health Canada Statistics states $1 invested in employee wellness saves $3-$4 on your bottom line.
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