I had the pleasure of experiencing a chair massage from Dianne and it was amazing! She was able to quickly get me into a deep state, fully relaxed and blissfully enjoying the massage on my back, arms and neck.

I’ve had chair massages done before, but never like this! Her technique is unique and extremely effective. I highly recommend touchback for your corporate needs of bringing wellness into the workplace.

Susan FrieseneVision Media

I truly believe that a touchback program is an excellent way to improve anyone’s overall health. I have more energy, less tension and definitely less stress. I have noticed long term improvements with my psoriasis.

DebApex Communications

Since being on the touchback program the amount of headaches and shoulder problems has lessened quite a bit.

AlexanderWilliams Moving & Storage

The muscle tension I had in my neck and shoulders has lessened alot. I have more energy and feel more productive at work. I recommend touchback to anyone who works on a computer or uses the telephone a lot.

JulieThe Now News

My stress level is less. I have fewer headaches and more energy.

Darryn Apex

Ever since I began my treatments I found I sleep much sounder. I recommend touchback to anyone who has problems sleeping.

MarietaDiamond Delivery

Since I have been on the ‘tb’ program my back muscles feel less tight. I have more flexibility in my neck. I have less tension in my shoulders and my arms feel lighter.

Surgetelus Mobility

As a manager, I highly recommend ‘touchback’ as a way to give back to your hard working employees. I trust you will notice the difference in productivity, energy levels and appreciation.

MariaDiamond Delivery

We enjoy our massage program and look forward to a very long relationship with you and your staff. Everyone in our office has notices a difference. I especially like the fact that I sleep much better.

LyndaTonelli & Associates

Everybody raved about your amazing massage techniques and about how good they felt, not only the day of the treatment, but for several days after.

ManagerRobson Square Conference Centre

Our staff looks forward to the massages for therapeutic benefits and for a relaxing break in a busy schedule. We find your staff to be punctual, professional and enjoyable to work with.

AlexWilliams Moving & Storage