“touchback” work-health balance seminars can be designed to your requests both in length and content. Our Mini Workshops fit easily into a work day at the beginning, end or in lunch and learn programs while our half and full day seminars make a perfect fit for wellness platforms.

Our Mini-Workshop Series – 2hr sessions

Acupressure Release Techniques:
A powerful workshop teaching acupressure techniques that within minutes can release headaches and neck/shoulder tension and pain.

Instant Relief with Office Exercises:
Be a trend setter …take mini exercise breaks right at your desk with instant results. Gentle yet powerful energy exercises release tension/stress, reduce eyestrain and shoulder/neck pain.

Health Life Balance:
A journey into understanding our five levels of being physical, emotional, energetic, mental, spiritual. Learn how these levels interact and how you can create more work-life balance.

Life Charts:
Good health is more than sheer physical fitness. A healthy lifestyle assessment explores eight key factors that affect the balance of one’s life – you’ll plot your personal profile.

Body-Mind Connections:
The body-mind connection! Explore how the mind operates and how understanding this can change our reactions to situations and people around us. We will address key factors and begin developing a personal goal plan to support a more balanced life.

Our half and full day workshops – choose one of the following, expand a mini-workshop or talk to us about designing your seminar

Well-being: The Harmonious Interaction
– Life wasn’t meant to be a struggle. We’ll look at the harmonious interaction required at all levels of human function with ideas and tools to help you.

Self-Care: Prevent Burnout
– If you don’t take care of your body, you won’t have anywhere to live. Learn how to nurture, balance and care for your body to release your vibrant & energetic self.

Goal Setting: From Your Heart
– Learn how to set realistic, meaningful and heart felt goals. Understand why we usually fail and how to turn our efforts into success.

What employees are saying about our wellness seminars:

  • Life Charts was very self-revealing and a useful ongoing tool.
  • Easy to follow with good clear explanations, examples and feedback.
  • Energy Exercises was very relaxing, included simple, easy exercises I can do right at my desk.
  • Fabulous, simple and powerful exercises I have never seen before.
  • Instructor was well organized and knowledgeable, offered good demonstrations and very approachable.
  • Awesome workshop – I enjoyed it and learned a lot.
  • I need these health balance reminders now and again to stay on track and create new healthy patterns.
  • I appreciated the seminar handouts provided, no notes to take, a good pace and level of intensity.
  • Great Acupressure Release techniques.
  • I enjoyed the ‘hands on’ by the trainer for the Acupressure techniques.
  • Helped me stop and think about where I’m going in my life.