Why touchback is rated #1 by participants?

Our touchback massage includes this three step process:
  1. deeply relaxing the body within minutes
  2. working out knots and tension and reducing stress in the body
  3. re-energizing the body so you resume activities with alertness

Chair massage sillouhette

The Art behind touchback

This unique and effective massage is based on the science of the musculature and energy of the body.

We achieve steps #1 and #2 by using a combination of Acupressure, Massage, Polarity Therapy and Healing Touch techniques to work out stress, muscle tension and knots that build up in the body.

By using a combination that includes gentle techniques you find yourself relaxing deeply as your session progresses. We finish with brisk work on the back for step 3 to re-energize your body.

Within 5-10 minutes after your treatment you will find your energy pick up and you will resume activities feeling refreshed and alert.


More about touchback massage

  • A massage technique specially designed for a portable massage chair
  • Treatment includes neck, shoulders, back, arms, hand, fingers and takes place while the client remains fully clothed
  • Performed by fully trained touchback practitioners providing uniform treatments
  • Treatments are done onsite and fit into a coffee or lunch break
  • Requires little space due to the specially designed chair

Read about our ‘touchback commitment’ here

Fitting touchback into your workplace

  • Employee Appreciation days, Health and Wellness events, Team building events
  • On-going massage programs – Weekly, Bi-weekly, monthly or tailored for you. Choose from 15, 20, 30-minute treatments
  • Department and office meetings, Company retreats and seminars
  • Sales incentives, Membership drives, Product launches, Tax season for accountants
  • Trauma Relief – stressful events, bank robberies, a death
  • After-work staff events, BBQ’s, Sporting and other events